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The Directorate of Central Hôtel de Cayenne has published the new rates that will apply from 1th January 2019. Reservations entered into before that date will be charged the old rate. Only bookings after 1th January 2019 will be implemented the new pricing. Click "read more" below to access the new rates.

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How to book a room?

How to use a room reservation.

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General Terms of Sale


The company SARL LE BADUEL operates a hotel booking service on a global scale on site and other websites connected. The Central Hotel Cayenne is an institution and commercial trademark of society SARL LE BADUEL. These terms and conditions of society SARL LE BADUEL called below the "Hotel" apply to all locations and subsidiaries.

1. Scope

These general terms and conditions apply both to all non-binding reservation enquiries and to binding reservations of rooms or congress or conferences using the Reservation system. You will receive and be required to accept detailed information and contract conditions that extend beyond the scope of these general business terms and conditions separately during the individual reservation and booking dialogues.

2. Content of service

The service is the provision and a contract for accommodation and travel service, which at a booking is made directly between you and the hotel you have chosen. You can pay the amount directly to the hotel confirmed. The rights and obligations under the contract of accommodation or travel exist directly and exclusively between the customer making the reservation and the hotel makes it the choice. In the case of a shorter duration of stay indicated in the valid reservation, the hotel reserves the right to adjust prices accordingly, adjustment is the reduced length of stay.

3. Booking conditions and process of reservation

3.1 Booking System with the Web form to "Reservation request" or "Pre-reservation"

The website offers Internet users a system of "Reservation request" or "Pre-reservation" by web form. This system can send the necessary information to the e-mail reservation[@] of the Service Booking Hotel. The owner receives the copy of the Reservation request of this booking request by email, only if the e-mail address given by the Holder is consistent and validated by the system.

To be accepted, this "Reservation request" must be confirmed by the booking service by return email to the email address specified by the Holder of the application within 48 hours of request. Only the email confirmation sent by the Reservation Service Hotel can actually conclude an agreement in standard booking, according to information provided by the Holder in its initial application and any amendments accepted under Hotel rental availability.

3.2 Communication banking information

For complete and guarantee the reservation request made by the web form with the Reservation Service Hotel, a phone record is required (see details in Art. 7.7 of the GTC). To this end, an indication of personal data (such as name, address, e-mail mail, phone number and / or fax number) and bank details or credit card Holder who makes the booking is essential since they are necessary to guarantee the reservation.

To ensure your privacy, all bank information about you is destroyed all our computer support after your stay. If you have a loyalty card, its number will replace that of your credit card to register and guarantee your reservation.

3.3 Standard hotel booking

The standard booking is normally maintained by the hotel until 18:00 (local time in French Guiana). In the case of non-submission of the client ("no-shows") prior to 18:00 (local time), the hotel concerned may charge you additional fees. Therefore, please consider the information relating to the Central Hotel Cayenne during the booking process. After 18:00, the reservation is not guaranteed. If the guest's arrival is only possible after 18:00 (local time), it must inform the hotel directly to the estimated time of arrival. It is possible that the booking conditions differ from the standard time of arrival. In this regard, there may be differences as to the standard arrival time is later (18:00). Please observe the detailed requirements of the Central Hotel reservation will be shown during the booking process as well as the written confirmation of your reservation. Reservations are secured by a credit card number are kept overnight.

3.4 Changes and cancellations

Cancellation must be made within 48 hours or through the online system or through the hotel or the Reservation Service of the Central Hotel or the Hotel, giving the code provided during the booking process. In the case of a cancellation by the customer directly with the hotel, only the Reservation Service Hotel is able to learn about potential problems regarding rental availability when the customer has made the cancellation or the status of the cancellation.

If the client wishes to change an existing booking made (rebooking) by contacting the hotel to this e-mail or phone, it must send the booking code at booking service hotel that has retained customer's personal data to make the change. The customer's rights to the abolition of its data under Article 8.7 of these Terms shall not be questioned so far.

The hotel reserves the right to cancel reservations that are not guaranteed by credit card and for which data were incomplete, unreliable or false evidence of the person making the reservation, or who wants to travel. This right is also valid for bookings from persons or records for which in the past, several no-shows "(not a client does not show canceled) were noticed. In both cases, the customer has no right to require that the booking be fulfilled.

3.5 Hotel categories and Tour Operators informations

The French classification of hotels by star was previously established by the services of Repression of Fraud responsible for awarding stars according to criteria as a repository and assigned a classification from 1986. This classification has been updated since the Act of "development and modernization of tourist services" of July 22, 2009, which provides for the use and affixing a new sign for specific tourist hotels, including the number of stars is issued by the Prefect, after consulting an independent private auditing firm accredited by the COFRAC, for a period of five years after which the hotel will be audited again.

This statement essentially informative about the standard of the Hotel is issued by local authorities and will have to evolve, based on criteria determined by the authorities in charge of assessing the tourist establishments. The old hotels claissification cease permanently in July 2012. Any other information or description about the Hotel given by the tour operators or tour operators also based solely on information provided by hotels.

3.6 Contractually agreed room prices

All prices are daily prices, which are updated and displayed at the hotel and costs that apply to all bookings made through the reservation system of the hotel.

Bookings are made at the daily rate, current and most advantageous offer by the hotel. This price is submitted directly by the hotel for the dates chosen, and is displayed in the name of the hotel. The rates for last minute, seasonal, weekend rates or special rates available at the Hotel are taken into account automatically during the booking.

The price is provided by the hotel and includes taxes and fees calculated by country. To the extent that taxes and fees are listed, the price is taxes and fees. The fee mentioned is subject to permanent change and can not therefore be mentioned only. Some indications of price in another currency may be subject to fluctuations in exchange rates. The reservation contract and accommodation and invoicing done directly with the hotel.

3.7 Grouping of identical individual bookings

If, due to individual bookings made in parallel or sequentially or booking multiple rooms in a single booking by a participant or a group of participants, a block booking is processed, the booking service from the Hotel is entitled to combine individual bookings in a group booking and change the booking conditions and cancellation. If the person making the reservation does not accept the new terms, the booking service from the Hotel reserves the right to cancel reservations.

Also, you can assign your claim to the travel service is reserved for another person without the express consent of the Hotel. To avoid misunderstandings or incorrect reservations, please make all additions, changes or cancellations (to the extent they are possible) online through the websites of the hotel, by e-mail to the address reservations [@] or directly from the hotel in case of emergency (see details in Art. 7.7 of the GTC).

3.8 Requests for reservation collective or via a third party

Our booking service allows the group booking or reservation for congress by third party service providers. When booking, the contract concerned is exclusively between you and the respective service provider. The other conditions listed here have no influence on the conditions applied to bookings made through a travel agent or tour operator that has its own conditions. Please refer as well to take note of special conditions or terms and conditions that apply to third party service providers like Travel agencies or tour operators.

After completing the application form online, your application is sent by e-mail via the reservation system of the hotel. The name of the Holder and personal data are transmitted to Reservation Service Hotel. Hotel submits directly to the Cardholder via e-mail sent through the system, corresponding to the bid request. If you choose to book the offer of the hotel, the hotel creates a binding order for the establishment of a reservation contract between you and the hotel (or service) and will contact you to ensure Book through your bank or credit card.

In the case of a booking made by a third party, the service will send you a relevant contract with its own booking conditions and cancellation. You must return to the Hotel signed. In case of cancellation, the service provider must, as is the Hotel, also be informed directly.

3.9 Enquiries telephone booking service Hotel

To make phone reservations with the Reservation Service Hotel, registration is required. To this end, an indication of personal data (such as name, address, email address and / or fax number) and possibly the bank account number or credit card holder is necessary, insofar as they are needed to guarantee the reservation.

The telephone registration by the service center of the hotel means that the customer accepts the conditions of participation of the hotel.

The verification of important data to authenticate the client so that it can make reservations, cancellations or changes to data. To this end, the number of customers booking code and personal information are required for cancellation. If the authentication data are not sufficient, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse to make reservations, cancellations or changes to data. The implementation of reservations, cancellations or changes data on the order of third parties is permitted.

Before the conclusion of a reservation, cancellation or modification of data by telephone, a new comparison of verbal data is performed. This comparison of data and the reservation, cancellation or modification of data may arise, shall be binding on the customer and are accepted at the end of the comparison of verbal data.

The Hotel can make reservations outside the Reservation system if the Hotel allows the Booking service. The customer will be notified individually and expressly agrees that the binding reservation for the customer is valid for the hotel, after a further confirmation of the Hotel with the changes. Group bookings made through the Reservation Service are not affected.

4. Newsletter

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter of the hotel at which you signed when you registered or your first booking via the link in the newsletter or on our website

5. Customer evaluation

After returning from their booked trip, customers have the chance to submit a hotel review. This can include information on the quality of the room, noise levels in the room, cleanliness, friendliness and expertise of staff, value for money, food, sport and leisure facilities. This evaluation can only be edited for 3 days following its initial submission. The agent reserves the right to delete evaluations without being required to give a reason.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Gathering of data

All information and data presented here have been compiled with great care. However, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors that occur during data recording or when transmitting data through a client or service provider. Data transfer to other data media, whether whole or partial, or its use for any purpose other than the one designated here is only permissible with the explicit authorisation of the agent.

6.2 Information on right of cancellation

Customers may cancel their registration at the hotel at any time in writing. In addition, the hotel is also authorized to cancel the registration of a participant for a serious reason.

6.3 Applicable law

The right of the French Republic shall apply. In case of dispute, only the court of Cayenne in French Guiana is competent.

7. Information on data protection

The Hotel would like to increase your trust in the online reservation of hotels. This is why we provide you with comprehensive information here regarding the type of information we gather from you and how this information will be used.

The Hotel undertakes to respect the law of the French Republic on the protection of personal data (Data Protection Act published in "Journal Officiel" of the Republic of August 8, 2004 - LiL cf. "Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés" - CNIL: 

7.1 Anonymous use of the reservation service

In general, it is possible to use our reservation service without revealing any information about yourself. This means that anonymous viewing of offerings Hotels is possible. You are thus able to inform you of such price and descriptions of the hotel without having to register in advance.

7.2 Data collection as part of the reservation and the Booking process

If you want to introduce you to the Hotel as a client to make a reservation or request a reservation or as a company or firm, we need some personal data, such as your name and address as well as phone number and email address, to process your request and make the payment transaction of your reservation.

During registration you are explicitly informed of the collection of your personal data, you must agree to complete the booking process.

You're likely to receive commercial offers from our company for product promotions and services similar to those you have ordered. If you do not want, you can refuse by ticking the box provided in the booking form.

The reservation form informs you that data collected are made mandatory for the registration and transaction of your application. The indication of data identified as optional is not absolutely necessary to complete the registration. If you made optional, they will be exploited in an anonymous form for statistical purposes.

In case of submission of incorrect data, the Hotel is entitled to cancel reservations without notice to the customer. In addition, these mandatory data you can receive regular newsletter from the hotel. At any time, you can cancel this subscription.

7.3 Transaction data

If you appear as a customer booking or reservation request on behalf of a Company or a Society the Central Hotel can request and / or transmit the data you have entrusted to us, to all Contracting Parties, because they are required to process and conclusion of the contract booking and accommodation.

7.4 Usage profiles

The Hotel does not create any personalised usage profiles. Whenever you visit the Hotel's Reservation system, the information on your visit is recorded anonymously; i.e. it cannot be linked to you. Data gathered that way is used by the agent in order to improve website usability and design.

7.5 Cookies

The agent uses a technology known as "cookies". Cookies are set during registration in order to authenticate the user during his/her active session.

7.6 Right of information

Of course, as a registered user, we can inform you at any time and for free on the information we have collected about you. The demand for such information can be done by written request, made by his owner.

7.7 Deletion

On request, we will delete your data completely and immediately (See the Note below).

Your data is stored in our customer file and in accordance with French law, to exercise your right of access and correction of your personal data directly from our customers on request written or handwritten, sent by any means at your convenience, the addresses provided below.


Central Hôtel
19, rue Molé
93700 Cayenne - Guyane Française
Phone call from foreign country : 00.594.256.565 - Fax : 00.594.311.296
Phone call from France : 0594.256.565 - Fax : 0594.311.296
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note : you must take into account the fact that a deletion of data can not be done, when all current transactions have been completed.

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Rooms booking

You can book your rooms at Central Hotel in 2 different ways.

  1. For the booking form (without payment of deposit)
    In this case, you make a simple reservation request, which must be confirmed by the central reservation of the Central Hotel.
  2. For the reservation system and payment of the deposit online (under maintenance)
    In this case, you do a booking online, with payment of a deposit* by means of payment available. Transactions made by credit card are secure. This means you can book rooms directly with an option for priority booking (deposit), which is not the case if you use the booking form (1) where you make a simple request without payment of option deposit.

* NB : Payment of "deposit" is subject to French law, which authorizes the repayment of booking deposit paid by a customer in the event of discontinuance of it. Not to be confused with the term "advance" or "down payment".

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