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General Terms of Sale

4. Newsletter

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter of the hotel at which you signed when you registered or your first booking via the link in the newsletter or on our website

5. Customer evaluation

After returning from their booked trip, customers have the chance to submit a hotel review. This can include information on the quality of the room, noise levels in the room, cleanliness, friendliness and expertise of staff, value for money, food, sport and leisure facilities. This evaluation can only be edited for 3 days following its initial submission. The agent reserves the right to delete evaluations without being required to give a reason.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Gathering of data

All information and data presented here have been compiled with great care. However, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors that occur during data recording or when transmitting data through a client or service provider. Data transfer to other data media, whether whole or partial, or its use for any purpose other than the one designated here is only permissible with the explicit authorisation of the agent.

6.2 Information on right of cancellation

Customers may cancel their registration at the hotel at any time in writing. In addition, the hotel is also authorized to cancel the registration of a participant for a serious reason.

6.3 Applicable law

The right of the French Republic shall apply. In case of dispute, only the court of Cayenne in French Guiana is competent.

7. Information on data protection

The Hotel would like to increase your trust in the online reservation of hotels. This is why we provide you with comprehensive information here regarding the type of information we gather from you and how this information will be used.

The Hotel undertakes to respect the law of the French Republic on the protection of personal data (Data Protection Act published in "Journal Officiel" of the Republic of August 8, 2004 - LiL cf. "Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés" - CNIL: http://www.cnil.fr). 

7.1 Anonymous use of the reservation service

In general, it is possible to use our reservation service without revealing any information about yourself. This means that anonymous viewing of offerings Hotels is possible. You are thus able to inform you of such price and descriptions of the hotel without having to register in advance.

7.2 Data collection as part of the reservation and the Booking process

If you want to introduce you to the Hotel as a client to make a reservation or request a reservation or as a company or firm, we need some personal data, such as your name and address as well as phone number and email address, to process your request and make the payment transaction of your reservation.

During registration you are explicitly informed of the collection of your personal data, you must agree to complete the booking process.

You're likely to receive commercial offers from our company for product promotions and services similar to those you have ordered. If you do not want, you can refuse by ticking the box provided in the booking form.

The reservation form informs you that data collected are made mandatory for the registration and transaction of your application. The indication of data identified as optional is not absolutely necessary to complete the registration. If you made optional, they will be exploited in an anonymous form for statistical purposes.

In case of submission of incorrect data, the Hotel is entitled to cancel reservations without notice to the customer. In addition, these mandatory data you can receive regular newsletter from the hotel. At any time, you can cancel this subscription.

7.3 Transaction data

If you appear as a customer booking or reservation request on behalf of a Company or a Society the Central Hotel can request and / or transmit the data you have entrusted to us, to all Contracting Parties, because they are required to process and conclusion of the contract booking and accommodation.

7.4 Usage profiles

The Hotel does not create any personalised usage profiles. Whenever you visit the Hotel's Reservation system, the information on your visit is recorded anonymously; i.e. it cannot be linked to you. Data gathered that way is used by the agent in order to improve website usability and design.

7.5 Cookies

The agent uses a technology known as "cookies". Cookies are set during registration in order to authenticate the user during his/her active session.

7.6 Right of information

Of course, as a registered user, we can inform you at any time and for free on the information we have collected about you. The demand for such information can be done by written request, made by his owner.

7.7 Deletion

On request, we will delete your data completely and immediately (See the Note below).

Your data is stored in our customer file and in accordance with French law, to exercise your right of access and correction of your personal data directly from our customers on request written or handwritten, sent by any means at your convenience, the addresses provided below.


Central Hôtel
19, rue Molé
93700 Cayenne - Guyane Française
Phone call from foreign country : 00.594.256.565 - Fax : 00.594.311.296
Phone call from France : 0594.256.565 - Fax : 0594.311.296
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note : you must take into account the fact that a deletion of data can not be done, when all current transactions have been completed.

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