Tourism in French Guiana

The Central Hotel has selected a range of leisure, cultural and sports for all ages, as well as travel agencies and tour partners are indispensable if you want to discover the flora and fauna of the Amazon, and the different peoples of French Guiana.

The Carnival of Cayenne

Ranked the fourth largest in the world of carnivals, Carnival Guyanais emerges as the most spicy.
It takes place during the months of January and February.

The rhythms that invade the streets of Head Held every Sunday and Days Gras.
In all the dancing, the Touloulou inviting the man to dance to the rhythm of the rumba, the waltz, the mazurka, the beguine.


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Visit the Guiana Space Center

The launcher range (Ariane 5, Soyouz and Vega) is offered to visitors morning and afternoon, by reservation, 48 hours in advance on working days, (duration: 3 hours).

You can also experience the take-off of Ariane 5 from a close observation site.

The show is grandiose and the total suspense: final countdown, ignition of the engines in a sheaf of fire, and the majestic flight of Ariane. Show and thrills guaranteed.


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To attend a launch from a close site, simply make a request by mail specifying your name, age, and contact information (address, phone or fax) to the following address [Contact the GUYANAIS SPACE CENTER]

To visit the launching bases (Ariane 5, Soyouz and Vega launchers range circuit) you can apply 48 hours in advance by applying for CNES CSG registration. All the information concerning the schedules of the visits and the address where to send your request are on the site of CNES (CSG).


Excursions to discover the French Amazon


French Guiana is the most important reservoir of biological diversity in the biosphere and contains 10% of all species in the world. The French Amazon has existed for 55 million years, we are here at the heart of the major issues of the planet. A striking contrast between the extreme modernity (Ariane rocket) and the ancestral times of the first civilizations.

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Here is a list of organizations offering tours and tours to discover the fauna, flora, villages and landscapes of French Guiana:

  • Takari Tour

    With Takari Tour, explore a region by its surprising diversity. For all the fans who are looking for authenticity, contact with nature, people, excitement, discover Guiana in its spendeur. [Contact TAKARI TOUR]

  • Space Amazon

    Space Amazon offers tours and excursions on land and river boats with local construction conducted by indigenous experts in the maneuver, in "long runs out of time and space."
    Stays and excursions are too good to individuals, who can visit in full freedom with rental car or who wish to leave on an adventure tour, as well as groups of 150 people. [Contact SPACE AMAZON]

  • Colors Amazon

    Based in Cayenne, Colors Amazon is a travel agency that specializes in hospitality in Guyana and its surroundings: Brazil, Surinam and the Antilles. Their passion you the authentic French Guiana and its surroundings, using the best expertise on each crossing. Thanks to their advice, you can find the formula that suits you best! [Contact COLORS AMAZONE]


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Sports activities during the stay

The new circuit Kart.
It allows you to test your sporting skills.
It is already in Guyana the appointment of karting aficionados.
Quad-walking in middle of the Amazonian forest.
Of the discovery for children, the quiet stroll with family, hiking up to several hours of tough, a formula you should certainly ...

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Cook of the French Guiana

Close to the Central Hotel, you will find the La Marina restaurant, specializes in culinary dishes seafood
In an atmosphere of fisherman, you can taste some of the best cuisine from French Guiana:

  • Seafood
  • Fish
  • Croupier
  • Loubine
  • Molds
  • Frog thighs
  • Guianese culinary specialities

For further information and reservations:
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