What do I have to declare with the customs?

The wait at checkpoints has become more important under the enhanced security measures (Vigipirate).
The control of passengers, hand luggage and hold baggage.


  • Arriving soon as possible at the airport.
  • Have a cabin baggage.
  • Do not carry sharp metal objects on oneself or in cabin baggage.
  • New measures concerning the liquid (or pastes, gels, creams, aerosols):
    Put the liquids in your checked baggage. Do keep in your hand luggage as required during the flight in containers of maximum 100 ml and combined in a transparent bag to slide format 20x20cm.
  • Bottles and jars: they are allowed in the cabin if you are traveling with a baby only.
  • If you take liquid medicines in the cabin, carry - you absolutely your prescription;

Complementary Measures

  • It may be asked the passengers to remove their shoes when it passes the inspection.
  • A palpation can be performed for the detection of an object when it passes the inspection.
  • See also the safety instructions listed on the cover of your airline ticket.

Customs duty

Upon your arrival in Guyana, you must declare and pay duties and taxes on goods that you transport, except those listed in this table and in the quantities:

  • A : Coming from a third country.
  • B : Coming from Montreal or a European Union country


 Goods  Units A
cigarettes unit 200 300
cigarillos unit 100 150
cigars unit 50 75
smoking tobacco gram 250 400
Alcoholic beverages
wine liter 2 5
beverages containing more than 22° liter 1 1,5
Perfumes gram 50 75
Eau de toilette liter 1/4 3/8
Tea and coffee
coffee gram 500 100
Coffee extracts and essences gram 200 400
Tea gram 100 1000
Tea extracts and essences gram 40 400
Other goods
Per passenger aged 15 years and more  Euro (€) 180 880
Per passenger aged under 15  Euro (€) 90 90

CAUTION: Some goods are prohibited for importation or possession. Get closer in customs.

  • Regional Customs
    8 rue Louis Blanc
    97300 Cayenne
    Tél : 00.(0)5 94 29 74 74    
    Fax : 00.(0)5 94 29 74 67

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