What are the administrative steps?

French Guiana is both a region and département d'Outre-Mer. The Department of French Guiana is a French territory in the north-east of South America, at 7100 km from Paris and 1700 km from the French Antilles. Only French land in South America, it is at once part of the geographical Guyana and the European Union. As such, Guyana is part of the Schengen area (EEC) and is a territory of South America by the European Union.

Administrative formalities for entering the territory of French Guyana are:

  • or French, an identity card is sufficient.

Controls on arrival apply to all foreigners, they are subject to visa and residence permit or exempted from the visa.

  • For citizens of the EEC, a passport without a visa and a ticket for the return is required.
  • For citizens outside the EU (Schengen), the same conditions as for entry into the territory in France will be requested.

For further information > France Diplomatie

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