How to protect themselves from mosquitoes?

Protect yourself from mosquitoes

As in all tropical countries, mosquitoes can be vectors of several infectious diseases. In French Guiana, they transmit Malaria, Dengue and Yellow fever. The guilty of these diseases, it is the female mosquito called Anopheles darlingi for malaria and Aedes aegypti to yellow fever and dengue.

Especially during the rainy season and in some regions in the mangrove forest and flooded some tracks (the Hatter), it seems difficult to escape the harassment of mosquitoes, especially at night.

Elsewhere, they are more discrete and, paradoxically, they are really rare in the forest along the rivers. In short, Guyana, mosquitoes will be less annoying than when your last holiday in the Camargue.

Against malaria and dengue fever, there is no vaccine, but it is possible to prevent a preventive treatment.

IMPORTANT : The vaccine against yellow fever is mandatory against a stay in Guyana. It is valid for 10 years, completely painless, non-indication against major and does not react.

How to avoid mosquito bites?

Protect themselves against mosquito bites is the first preventive measure in malaria risk areas in Guyana. Outside these areas, it remains necessary to prevent dengue, and for your comfort.

  1. Use of ITNs
  2. Wear loose clothing and long, impregnated with repellents
  3. Substance use repellent on exposed parts of the body. Many suitable products are available in pharmacies.

What are the preventive treatment against malaria?

Only a few regions of Guyana are severely malarious. The main preventive measure against malaria is to protect yourself against mosquito bites. This measure may be accompanied by a doctor prescribing a medication, but it will be considered on a case by case basis, depending on your exact destination, the duration of your stay and your tolerance treatment.

The risk of malaria are not equivalent across Guyana, a drug is prescribed as a preventive for a few regions.

Once back in case of unexplained fever, consult a doctor without omitting to mention that you enter a region where malaria is rife.

If you opted for a drug, it is imperative not to stop, even if you have the impression of not being bitten, and continue treatment four weeks after your return.

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