How to prepare for his trip to French Guiana?

French Guiana continues to convey much information and images on its erroneous climate, which seems inextricable jungle and the wildlife that live there. Disturbing and fascinating at the same time, this is more collective subconscious and the colonial legacy that the reality on the ground in 2006.

Get the truth once and for all! Guiana is a French department, responding to French and European standards and has a network of health facilities and health professionals.

Sun protection

There are a lot of sun in Guyana on the beach ... especially when one walks into dugout, where one does not feel immediately the sensation of "burning" because of the breeze that alleviates the heat of the sun.

Tip: Use a good sunscreen, to "apply" regularly on all exposed areas, wear a hat and sunglasses. You escape the painful sunburn, but also to heat stroke. And do not forget to moisturize regularly.

Dressing for excursions

On beaches and during your adventures "river", avoid walking barefoot and wearing loose cotton clothes. Attention, people are often viewed very modest, make sure not to offend.

For excursions in the woods, set up clothing comfort: wear lightweight trousers and a shirt with long sleeves, especially early evening when insects are at their maximum activity.

Bring good shoes (which do not fear the water) for trekking and do not forget the hat.

In rainy season, use a waterproof poncho.

Depending on the type of trip you make, tourism professionals can help you dress appropriately, you follow their recommendations, because they have experience. 

Equipment of your backpack, to provide for excursions:

  • A repellent to keep mosquitoes
  • A bottle of water, because the ambient heat, effort and sweat give thirsty
  • A snack to build up energy
  • A first aid kit contents
  • A flashlight

Drinking water, spicy food

Like everywhere in France, the quality of water and food are based on rules and controls for public health. Everywhere along the coast, but also Maripasoula, St George and Regina, tap water is safe to drink. In the interior, in small towns and during your adventures in "deep Guyana, it is recommended to consume bottled water or treat water with tablets of hydroclonazone.

For food, you can simply (as elsewhere) to ensure the conservation, expiry dates and product quality. Beware, the Creole cuisine is very spicy. Enjoy fruits and vegetables countries, fish and shrimp are the basis of income and various succulents. Rum, which is very good and cheap in Guyana, must be enjoyed in moderation ...

Swimming where we want, when we want

In Guyana, please: no bilharziasis in our rivers.
The turbidity of water at sea and the mouths of rivers is not a sign of pollution. They are the slime that give this trouble. We must beware of waves and currents, the ribs are subjected to tides.

Guyana creeks, the rivers of less importance where the water is shallow, calm, clear and fresh to see. Forget your irrational fear of piranhas, in French Guiana on the fishery (the feet in water) and eat them, just return things.

As against, it is customary to sound the sandy rivers and creeks before you dive, this to scare away any rays, whose sting can cause painful stings.

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